Types of social phobias that you may be dealing with

There are various types of social phobias. Learning more about them and identifying what connects with you can help you in your recovery process.

There is specific social phobia and generalized social phobia.

Generalized social phobia is what I suffered from. It is what contributes to social anxiety on a regular basis and can cause distress to individuals in varied social situations.

However, there is also specific social phobia, which means that there are particular social situations in which an individual experiences social anxiety as opposed to all times.

The lines between the definitions can vary as someone who has generalized social anxiety will likely deal with many different specific situations that trigger social anxiety in them.

It may not be necessary, however, that a person who experiences specific kind of social phobia in one condition, such as public speaking, will experience phobia in other social situations or will experience generalized social anxiety.

Thoughts that go with social phobia

With socially anxious people, new situations or coming contact with new people can bring a fluttering of many kinds of thoughts that may go along the lines of:

  • How are these new people thinking of me?
  • Am I doing anything ridiculous, awkward, or embarrassing that will lead someone to criticize me? I may be doing something wrong and I don’t know what it is.
  • Did I shake my hands properly? Are my hands sweating?
  • Was my hand shake firm enough or did was I just appearing too awkward and had a flimsy kind of a handshake?
  • Did I make proper eye contact? Was my eye contact too long and I just appeared weird?
  • What in the world am I going to say next after the introductions?
  • Who should begin the conversation? I wonder what kind of a conversation can I have with this person?

Although the thought processes are similar in many cases, the situations can be different and particular to the issues of each socially anxious individual.

Therefore, it helps to become acquainted with various types of social phobia.

Having knowledge about various conditions in which one may experience social phobia will help you become more aware of whether you have a similar experience.

There are often situations that make us uncomfortable but we may not associate that with social anxiety.

For example, for someone who does not like shopping or fears eating in public, it may seem that it is just a normal part of who they are. This may be true but it also could be part of larger underlying issues, such as social anxiety.

Connecting the dots with particular experiences can be useful part of the healing and recovery process.

Types of Social Phobias

So here are some specific types of social phobia that has been documented and written by experts on social phobia and social anxiety.

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Public Speaking Anxiety

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