what causes social anxiety: 4 types of causes for social anxiety

what causes social anxiety, so you may ask…

although i am not sure how relevant it seems to know about causes of social anxiety, it was helpful for me to look at it in different ways…

from my research it seems that the causes depends on who diagnoses us…

for example a medical doctor may believe that the illness is biological so prescribe us medications…

a psychologist may come at from a psyschological perspective so would want to work on our thoughts and behaviour…

in short the answer is that social anxiety disorder can occur in individuals for a variety or reasons.

before we begin to address how to treat social anxiety, let’s take one more look at exactly what is social anxiety

it is worth looking into the potential causes of social anxiety disorder from different perspectives and angles.

these causes are categorized into biological, psychological, belief-based (how are thoughts and mind work), and behavioural factors

of course, there is never always just one reason or cause behind social anxiety and these various factors play against each other to create the experience in our mind and body.

what causes social anxiety
learn about what causes social anxiety to better deal with it.

what causes social anxiety

biological reasons

to understand biological causes of social anxiety disorder, it is important to know how fear works in our bodies.

we must come to understand body’s fight or flight mechanism. this mechanism wants to make us run away or freeze at a particular situation.

when one experiences social anxiety, there is an increased activity in part of the brain known as amygdala.

this part is most critical in sending messages to the body so it can react to fear or situations that cause anxiety.

amygdala activity is one of the key causes of anxiety disorder.

psychological reasons

secondly, psychological factors include an appreciation of how our mind and body interact with each other to create certain physical sensation of angst and fear…

because we, as humans, are extremely group-centered or social individuals, our “survival” depends on how we treat others and how they treat us. for that reason, the sensation of rejection or criticism is very alive in us and affects how safe or unsafe we feel in our surroundings.

psychological causes also include how our bodies learn fearful behavior through direct experience or watching others and even through other people who tell us how or how not to behave.

belief systems

our belief systems can also be a source and cause of social anxiety

this is because fearful thoughts or attitudes about our social place in the world are what causes anxiety, not any physical threats.

our thoughts and beliefs work in a feedback loop to our body, meaning the more negative and anxiety-provoking thoughts we have, the more tension builds in our body…

as our body gets tense and anxious, the more anxiety causing thoughts occupy our mind…

this is why i have engaged in movement based therapies, which are devoted to releasing tension in the body.

release of tension allows the mind to have less negative thoughts.

behavioural causes

finally, our behaviour can also cause social anxiety; actually, it can intensify the experience.

for example, as one tries to avoid social situations by not making eye contact with people or speaking in a very low voice and tone or looking at the floor when interacting with people, the more these habits become a permanent part of one’s body..

once these become so ingrained in the body as habits, they cause us to feel that we are not confident or free.

in a bizarre way, these behaviour become part of our personality and we can start associate them as “that is just who we are”.


for the longest time, i began to believe that i am just naturally a shy, quiet person who does not like talking to too many people.

of course, this is not at all true (as i began to learn once i began engaging in my healing process), but this is the perception i had of myself…

this perception led me to stay away and avoid people because socializing with others became more of “work” and something that requires effort, rather than a fun activity to share myself and get to know others.

to better able to understand and heal your social anxiety, you should look into causes of social anxiety disorder and how they manifest in your life.

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